A Favorite Mistake: The Envelope

Ever realize you did something wrong, and in that moment, all you could say is, huh? That's what this series is about - those lessons I learned from making mistakes through my business and in my lettering! Oh, what an adventure it has been.


This week, I worked on a card a lady ordered for her best friend (it's pretty cute, albeit slightly vulgar).  I watercolored a front side design, found the right spacing for the text on the inside. The card itself was done at this point.

Then I wanted to create a beautiful font to go on the envelope (I hand delivered this card, so there wasn't an address). After I gathered my supplies, set them all down, rearranged my desk set up because I felt like it, I started sketching.

I got giddy. The end was near - I could smell it!

The pencil sketch turned out great. after I penned it all in with my favorite medium-sized pen, I stood up, and snapped a picture.

I loved it.
I paused for a second to tell myself good job, then started to put the card inside the envelope.

Something was wrong.

The flap wasn't where it was suppose to be - it was on the bottom. I lettered the front of the envelope UPSIDE DOWN.

Now, there's other mistakes I could have made. I could have misspelled the names wrong inside the card and gave it to them; I could have dropped it in a rain puddle on my way to drop it off.

But when I started working on the envelope, My excitement in being almost done overshadowed the fact that I should have done the simple check to make sure that the envelope was oriented correctly!

It's too easy to make mistakes in the home stretch.

I got caught up in mentally high-fiving myself - and I missed that oh, so simple, detail that would have saved me time and an envelope.

So, I texted my boyfriend, laughing how the envelope was upside down the whole time. (What's life without a some laughter, right?)

I sat back down, grabbed another envelope, and started sketching. This time, I definitely checked more than once to make sure it was right side up!

I finished it, put the card inside, and placed it with my bag so I could deliver it the next day.

For my bff.png

Moral of this story:

Avoid those careless mistakes when you've almost completed your task. It's exciting to be close to the end of a project, but keep crossing those t's and dotting those i's! And make sure everything is right side up.

I shared mine, now what lesson did you learn from your most recent favorite mistake?